Preparing for a new roof installation on your Worcester area home

If you hire a professional roofer to install a new roof on your Sutton or Southbridge home, your hard work is drastically reduced.  Still, LJ Construction offers a few tips for Central Massachusetts homeowners to facilitate the process and ensure safety for everyone involved.
Once you have made your selections for roofing material color and style, start thinking about preparing the work site.  Roofers will need clear access for their workers and equipment, so all appropriate areas will have to be clear for a smooth, trouble-free job.  Any outdoor furniture, children’s toys, potted plants or other items should be moved away from the work area.  Similarly, roll up or stow any garden hoses or electrical cords.  (Consult with your roofing contractor ahead of time if you think you might need assistance moving heavier items.)
If you are having old shingles stripped to prepare for a new roof, talk to your contractor about where the dumpster will be placed.  Move cars to other parking spaces to keep the driveway clear.
Stripping an old roof makes quite a mess.  LJ Construction will do what we can to minimize scattering of dust and debris, but you might want to cover any sensitive items such as prized landscaping plants with a little plastic sheeting before work starts.  Similarly, removing the shingles can shower your attic area with dust and grit; cover any valuables you have stored in an unfinished attic space.
LJ Construction will work with you to ensure as smooth a new roof installation or roof repair as possible.  Contact us today for a site consultation for your Worcester area home’s new roof.