How to tell if you might need new siding

If you have a typical home in the Worcester area, you probably have wooden clapboards or shingle siding.  With proper installation and maintenance, wood siding should last a lifetime.  Unfortunately, neglect, improper installation or bad paint jobs too often lead to siding failure before its time.

LJ Construction in Dudley, MA has years of experience with new siding installations and offers these tips to determine if it is time for new siding on your Central Massachusetts home.

Warped, cracked or loose siding – Using a screwdriver or awl, probe around any warped or soft siding boards.  With just a few soft boards, some spot repairs may be possible.  If you discover the underlying sheathing to be soft and rotten, though, you are most likely looking at a larger repair and new siding installation.

Peeling paint, loose wallpaper, mold/mildew –  If you notice any of these inside your Sutton home, you may have serious moisture issues from failed siding.  In addition to new siding installation, you most likely will need repairs to the underlying sheathing, framing and wall insulation as well.

Exterior paint failure – If you find your exterior paint job blistering, peeling or cracking after only a few years, you may just need a more thorough prep job for repainting.  Or, there could be moisture issues from improper vapor barrier installation under the siding, which would require a new siding installation.

For any other new siding questions or for a free site evaluation and estimate, contact LJ Construction today.