Keep an eye on the trees around your Worcester area roof

If your Sutton or Douglas property enjoys the shade provided by New England’s beautiful trees, you have an additional level of roof maintenance to keep in mind.  While they are beautiful, tree leaves, needles, and other debris can cause issues with your roofing material over time, which is why LJ Construction recommends that you keep an eye on the ways your trees and roof interact.

First, remove roof hazards posed by adjacent trees by having overhanging limbs carefully pruned, as these can fall and cause significant roof damage during storms.  Be sure to hire a certified arborist or tree maintenance company, as inexperienced homeowners can easily injure themselves or cause permanent damage to the tree.

Next, periodically monitor your roofing shingles for excessive debris.  Leaves, pine needles and even pollen can build up in the cracks and crevices on your roofing material.  Once this debris starts to accumulate, it can provide an anchor for even more unwanted litter.  This organic matter can act like a sponge, holding water which should be flowing into your gutters.

Speaking of gutters, keeping them clear is an unpleasant but necessary autumn task for Worcester area homeowners.  Clogged gutters can prevent proper roof drainage, causing water to wick up into roof sheathing or framing and leading to costly roof repairs.

No homeowner wants to replace their roof before its time or deal with expensive roof repairs.  LJ Construction recommends minimizing these issues through regular maintenance and inspections.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Dudley office for more information.