Preventing ice dam roof damage in Massachusetts

With this winter’s extreme cold, ice dam roof damage has been an issue for many Central Massachusetts homeowners. Dudley-based LJ Construction offers these tips to help you eliminate ice dam roof damage in the future.

Since ice dams form when snow melt flows down and freezes at the colder eaves of your roof, it is important to ensure that your Greater Worcester area home’s roof surface is not warm enough to cause this melting. As a roofing contractor, LJ Construction recommends:

  • Adequate attic floor insulation to prevent heat loss to the roof.
  • Sealing warm air leaks around light fixtures, ducts, vents and attic hatches.
  • Proper chimney flashing and caulking.

Adequate roof venting is also critical. A good flow of outside air through your attic will keep roof snow loads from melting and forming ice dams.

For additional peace of mind on new construction or roofing replacements, LJ Construction can install preventative measures such as a water-repellant membrane under your lower courses of shingles. This barrier can help keep water from flowing back under the shingles and causing water damage if an ice dam does form. Also, heating cables along the eaves can help prevent ice dam build-up, although they are not a replacement for proper attic insulation and roof venting.

A professional assessment is best to determine whether your attic and roof need attention. If you would like to take measures to mitigate future ice dam damage, contact the experts at LJ Construction for a free roof evaluation in the Greater Worcester area and beyond.