Choose the right shingles for your new Massachusetts roof

Asphalt shingles are far and away the best-selling new roof materials.  If you do any research on asphalt shingles for your new roof, however, you will find that they come in two types: 3-tab and architectural shingles.  If you are in the market for a new roof for your Sutton or Douglas home, LJ Construction offers this discussion of the pros and cons of each asphalt shingle type.

3-tab shingles are a single layer of asphalt with slits in the bottom end to create the appearance of three shingles (“3-tab”).  Architectural shingles are made up of multiple, overlapping layers, with more of a textured appearance.

Being thicker in material, architectural shingles typically come with warranties of 40-50 years.    (LJ Roofing’s trusted suppliers, such as GAF and CertainTeed, even offer products with a limited lifetime warranty for your new roof.)  3-tab shingles, meanwhile, typically offer only 20-30 year warranties.

Many of us grew up with the simple look of 3-tab shingles on Massachusetts roofs.  With their more layered, textured appearance, architectural shingles offer perhaps a more distinctive look for your Worcester area home.

Architectural shingles do cost more than 3-tab.  If costs are tight for your new roof installation, talk to your roofer about specific price differences for these two products.

In short, if cost matters for your project, 3-tab might be a good option.  Otherwise, architectural shingles offer significant advantages.  Contact LJ Construction in Dudley, MA today for a free estimate on asphalt shingle prices for your new roof project.