Common roof leak areas in your Worcester home

With the summer rains, it is important to keep an eye on your Worcester home’s roof to watch for signs of leaking.  Although a roof leak can start small, it can quickly lead to big problems if it is not caught early on.  LJ Construction in Dudley, MA recommends taking a periodic tour around these problem areas:
Roof valleys – In these areas, where two different slopes meet, there is a higher potential for roof leaks.  Proper new roof installations require the roofer to carefully weave the overlapping shingles or install appropriate flashing to ensure correct water drainage in roof valleys.  A leak in this area can be tricky to diagnose and fix, so be sure to contact a professional for roof repair.
Skylights – Despite their value in providing natural light for your Grafton or Southbridge home, skylights can be prone to roof leaks if improperly installed.  Again, proper roof flashing installation and strict adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions are necessary to prevent leaks around skylights.  If you notice moisture or discoloration around your home’s skylight, a roofer should be called to track down the potential leak.
Chimneys –  With their surrounding flashing materials and sealants, chimneys represent another great potential for roof leaks.  As with other roof leaks, take note of any discoloration on the surrounding walls or fireplace bricks.  At LJ Construction, we specialize in these types of masonry issues and roof repairs.
As with other roof maintenance issues, Worcester area homeowners should be vigilant about monitoring for leaks in these problem areas to prevent costly roof repairs or even the need for a new roof.  If you have any questions or suspect a roof leak, contact LJ Construction today for a free site visit and evaluation.