How to catch roof leaks early in Central Massachusetts

If you notice a stain or discoloration in your ceiling, you likely have a roof leak in your Central Massachusetts home.  Don’t wait until you have to pull out the buckets to catch drips in your living room, though.  Dudley-based LJ Construction suggests giving your roof a periodic inspection to catch any leaks before they become a major problem.

The Worcester area averages over 48 inches of rainfall per year, which is a lot of water for your roof to handle.  Luckily, many roof leaks are fairly localized and easy to repair.  Take a look over the following areas for signs of roof leaks, preferably when you have had some heavy rain:

– Is your attic space accessible?  If so, take a look at the underside of the roof sheathing and keep an eye out for any signs of wetness.  Discolored insulation is also a possible sign of a roof leak.  Pay close attention to areas with roof penetrations, such as around plumbing stacks, skylights, roof vents, and chimneys.  Also examine the undersides of roof valleys, as improperly flashed areas can lead to water working its way under roof flashing.

– If you have a flat commercial roof, look for areas with water ponding.  Puddles indicate low spots or places with inadequate roof pitch for proper drainage.  Contact our professionals for roof repair in such locations to prevent future leaks.

It is vastly easier to repair minor roof leaks while they are small than to deal with the water damage they create over time, so don’t let a drip or discolored ceiling in your Oxford or Sutton home be your first clue to a roof leak.  If you suspect a roof leak on your home or commercial building, contact LJ Construction for a thorough evaluation and prompt roof repair.