Signs that it’s time for a new roof in Massachusetts

Is the roof on your Worcester area home starting to look a little, well, old?  Maybe you purchased a home in Oxford or Webster a few years ago and aren’t quite sure whether it is time for a new roof.  Dudley, MA-based LJ Construction recommends that you take a few factors under consideration when making this big decision.

To begin with, in what condition is your roof?  Do the shingles show cracks, warps or curled, uplifted corners? Are any of them missing? Is there a large amount of granules from the shingles in your gutters? These could be signs of roofing material failure from the harsh Central Massachusetts weather.

Next, how old is your existing roofing material? If your 20 year asphalt shingles have been exposed to 22 years of brutal Central Massachusetts weather, it is definitely time to look at replacing your roof.

Finally, if your attic is accessible, take a look at the underside of your roof and check for evidence of leaks. Are there water stains, mold or other signs of water infiltration in the roof sheathing or around roof penetrations?  If these signs are extensive, this could also point to the need for a new roof.

If you are considering a new roof for your Sutton or Douglas area home, contact LJ Construction for a thorough roof inspection. We can assess the health of your roofing materials and walk you through the options if you need to replace your roof.