Fall in Massachusetts is a great time to install a new roof

If you have recently completed end of summer roof maintenance tasks on your Worcester area home, you probably got a good look at your roof’s condition while cleaning the gutters.  Did you notice an excessive amount of roofing granules in the gutter?  See a large number of loose or deteriorated shingles?  Does the caulking around the chimney look a little sketchy?

If you noticed too many of these warning signs, you might want to look past simple roof repairs and think about installing a new roof on your Central Massachusetts home.  Although fall’s cooler temperatures are almost upon us, Dudley, MA-based LJ Construction would like to remind you that this is a great season for new roof installations in Massachusetts.

First, you would have to consider whether to stick with the old standby for roofing materials, asphalt shingles.  If so, think about whether standard 3-tab shingles are acceptable (if budget is a concern) or whether to work with more costly but longer lasting architectural shingles.  Then, you can explore the myriad options available for shingle color and style.  Our roofing experts at LJ Construction can help walk you through the options.

Ready for something different?  Consider the advantages of a standing-seam metal roof.  Made from completely recyclable materials, a metal roof offers a particularly long working life, decreased home cooling costs, and low maintenance durability.  Despite the higher initial cost, these features of metal roofs help to offset the higher installation costs if you decide to go with this option on your Douglas or Southbridge home.

Whatever your preferences, LJ Construction has the experience and expertise to ensure that you will be happy with your new roof.  Contact us today for a free estimate and site consultation.