Winterizing your roof in Central Massachusetts

The leaves haven’t really started changing yet but the kids are back to school and the evenings are feeling noticeably cooler.  That means that fall is approaching and it’s time to think about winterizing the roof on your Worcester area home.  LJ Construction in Dudley, MA offers the following checklist of roof prep tasks:

Clean your gutters – Even though it ranks among every Central Massachusetts homeowner’s least favorite tasks, cleaning your gutters of leaves, pine needles and other debris is essential to protecting your roof.  Be sure to check that the downspouts are also clear and free-flowing to keep water, snow and ice from backing up to your roof.

Roof venting –  Destructive ice dams form when warm air in the attic melts snow on your roof which refreezes at night, creating a dam which allows water to back up and flow under your shingles.  Ensuring proper roof venting is one of the most important ways to ensure that your roof surface stays cold to prevent this.  See our guide to roof venting for more information.

Check flashing and roof penetrations –  Have a qualified roofer inspect anywhere that dissimilar materials meet: metal flashing in roof valleys; chimney and shingle seams; skylights, plumbing stack vents and other penetrations.  These are the key areas where leaks most commonly form so be sure that your flashing and sealants are intact and maintained.

If you suspect problems with any of these aspects of your Massachusetts roof, contact LJ Construction for a site consultation and free roof repair estimate.