Installing a new roof on your Worcester area home

Ever wonder what goes into installing a new roof or replacing an existing roof?  Maybe it seems like a straightforward process, like slapping a few shingles onto the roof deck, but there are definite guidelines to be followed when putting in a new roof.  LJ Construction in Dudley, MA has installed countless new roofs over the years and offers this quick primer on new roof installation in Central Massachusetts.

First, if we are doing a roof replacement on your Worcester area home, we have to evaluate whether to strip the old roofing material.  If your Sutton or Oxford home has only one layer of shingles in relatively good condition, we can often install new shingles as a second layer.  Any more than one existing layer, however, and we will remove the old material.

Removal of old shingles generally goes pretty quickly.  (See our post on how you can help prepare your home for a new roof installation.)  Working from the top down and using special roofing shovels, we can strip the old shingles into a waiting dumpster with minimal mess and fuss.  (Watch our crew do this backbreaking task for a few hours and you’ll be thankful that you didn’t try to do this job yourself!)

With the old shingles cleared, we can evaluate your home’s sheathing and make any repairs.  Finally, we can roll out roofing paper, snap chalk lines, and lay out the new shingles.  Although we make it look easy, it can be tricky to keep things perfectly lined up, all while correctly weaving in valleys and ensuring waterproof intersections with flashing, skylights and other roof penetrations.

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