It’s a great time to install a new roof on your Worcester area home

It’s now high summer, a popular season for installing a new roof.  LJ Construction has many years of experience in new roof installations and would like to offer these tips when considering one for your home in Sutton, Southbridge, or throughout Central Massachusetts.

  • Materials – Most Massachusetts homeowners opt for tried-and-true asphalt shingles, as attested to by a drive around your neighborhood.  Still, consider the benefits of other materials for your new roof, such as a standing-seam metal system.  LJ Construction specializes in both asphalt shingle and metal roofs and can help walk you through the benefits of each material.
  • Repairs – Removing and replacing your old roof can reveal a whole host of previously unknown issues with your Worcester area home.  With the roofing material removed, the roof sheathing and underlying framing are open for inspection, particularly in areas where it was previously difficult to monitor, such as inaccessible attic spaces or vaulted ceilings.  If you are having a new roof installed, be sure to take this opportunity to evaluate these areas and make any necessary repairs if there is water damage or other issues.
  • Upgrades – Always wanted a skylight?  Need better attic ventilation?  Worried about whether those stains on your fireplace suggest the need for chimney repairs?  As with framing repairs, consider using your roof removal and replacement as an opportunity for these and other upgrades.  Our professionals can work with you and other contractors to ensure a seamless integration of other construction projects during the roof replacement process.

Contact LJ Construction today for a free estimate on your new roof or any other roof replacement inquiries.