Don’t let untreated leaks lead to costly roof repair in your Central Massachusetts home

A roof leak is one of the most common reasons for roof repair in Massachusetts homes.  Luckily, repairing a leaking roof is usually a straightforward affair.  Finding the leak, however, can involve some detective work.

Over the years, LJ Construction has found and repaired thousands of roof leaks in Dudley, Sutton and throughout the Worcester area.  We have learned that tracing the source of these leaks is often well beyond the abilities of most homeowners, so be sure to call a professional if you suspect a leaking roof.

While many roof leaks announce themselves in interior living space with discolored paint, wet drywall or mold growth, the source of water infiltration can be quite a distance away.  Water can run downhill along rafters and between roofing or sheathing layers or it can even saturate building materials and wick along a path through them.

If you have an open attic, it can be easier to detect the source of a leak, as areas of wetness may be visible.  Even if fresh water can’t be seen, areas of damp insulation or discolored framing may indicate a roof leak that occurs infrequently, such as during heavy rainfall or as a result of ice dam damage.  Be sure to address these periodic leak situations, as the trapped moisture can infiltrate materials over time, leading to rot or mold.  If the roof underside is not accessible, however, removal of ceiling and wall materials may be necessary to uncover the leak source.

If you suspect a roof leak in your Central Massachusetts home, contact LJ Construction immediately for a site visit.  Don’t let the damage get out of hand, leading to costly roof repair or other issues.