Roof flashing repairs and maintenance

Let’s talk about roof flashing, a critical component of your roofing system.  LJ Construction specializes in flashing repairs and installation and would like to share a little information about the use of roof flashing in Central Massachusetts homes and businesses.

For those unfamiliar with the term, flashing is a system of rigid materials – usually metal – layered and overlapped to prevent rook leaks wherever two dissimilar materials meet or in valleys where water may infiltrate.  Typical places to install flashing include: surrounding chimneys, where brick and roofing shingles intersect; around skylights; and along dormers, where the roofing runs alongside a vertical wall.

In these places, different materials expand and contract at different rates, so caulking and sealants would eventually fail, causing leakage.  The flashing, bent to accommodate the angles of intersection, provides a mechanical barrier which directs the flow of water and prevents it from getting under the roofing materials.

Worcester area homeowners can make some simple observations to help minimize the need for flashing repairs.  Pay close attention to any chimneys or skylights in your home; if you notice any discoloration in the bricks or skylight wells, contact a roofer immediately for an investigation.  Also, when cleaning your gutters (or having someone else clean them), check the condition of any flashing you can see from the ladder.  Look for holes, open seams or missing nails.

Flashing repairs can be tricky.  Improperly repaired flashing might not fix the problem or even make things worse.  If you suspect issues with your flashing or notice other roof repair issues, contact Dudley-based LJ Construction today for a free site evaluation.