Trees and roof maintenance for Central Massachusetts roofs

No homeowner wants to replace their roof before its time or deal with costly roof repairs. It is important to keep these issues at bay through regular maintenance and inspections. Among other things, if you have trees near your Central Massachusetts home, be sure to take a few extra precautions.

LJ Construction in Dudley, MA suggests taking the time to remove roof hazards posed by adjacent trees. Overhanging limbs should be carefully pruned, as these can fall and cause significant roof damage during storms. Be sure to hire a certified arborist or tree maintenance company, as inexperienced homeowners can easily injure themselves or cause irreparable damage to the tree.

Keeping your gutters clear is an unpleasant but necessary autumn task for Worcester area homeowners. Clogged gutters can prevent proper roof drainage, causing water to wick up into roof sheathing or framing and leading to costly roof repairs. Also, be sure to remove leaves from roof valleys or slight slopes; the buildup of organic material can trap water and lead to rot. As with tree maintenance, contact a professional for cleaning services if your home’s gutters are dangerously high or difficult to access.

Shaded areas of your roof can develop moss, which can trap decomposing material and lead to shingle degradation. There are many commercial products available for moss removal. Once your roof is moss-free, consider having your roofer install a zinc strip at the roof peak, which can help inhibit further moss growth.

If you see loose or damaged shingles on your Worcester area roof or suspect rot from any of the above issues, contact LJ Construction for a free site evaluation and roof repair estimate.