New siding options for Massachusetts homeowners

At our headquarters in Dudley, MA, LJ Construction has over 15 year of experience in installing new roofs and performing roof repairs for homeowners throughout Central Massachusetts.  We also provide new siding installations for Worcester area homes and offer this opportunity to consider your siding options.

Along with your roof, your home’s siding provides a crucial envelope for keeping rain and moisture out.  While the siding on your Sutton or Douglas area home usually just needs some paint and maintenance to keep it in top condition, sometimes it’s time to consider replacing it.  Options for new siding materials include:

Wood Siding – The old standby, especially for traditional-styled New England homes.  Wood siding (usually cedar) provides a timeless look and will last indefinitely with proper care but requires regular maintenance and can have higher installation costs.

Vinyl Siding – With a low initial cost and ease of installation, vinyl siding has been a popular synthetic siding choice for decades.  Although relatively low maintenance when new, the plastics can fade and become chalky in color over time and some homeowners dislike its general appearance.

Fiber Cement Siding – A synthetic mix of wood pulp and portland cement, fiber cement siding is resistant to water, insects and rot.  Paintable, low-maintenance, and available in a variety of textures, it can be a good compromise for cost-conscious Worcester area homeowners.

LJ Construction has many years of siding installation experience and can help you evaluate whether it might be time for a new siding upgrade.  Contact us today to discuss the best new siding options for your Worcester area home.