Central Massachusetts roof replacement overview

From our headquarters in Dudley, MA, LJ Construction has replaced and installed countless new roofs over the years.  Despite the variations between roof replacement jobs, a few basic approaches remain the same for installing new asphalt shingle roofs.

First, does the current roof have only one layer of old shingles?  If so, and if the underlying structure is in good condition, we can often install new shingles as a second layer.  If you already have two (or, heaven forbid, more) layers of existing roofing material, we have to tear off the existing shingles to continue.

Removal of old shingles generally goes pretty quickly.  (See our post on how you can help prepare your home for a new roof installation.)  Working from the top down and using special roofing shovels, we can strip the old shingles into a waiting dumpster with minimal mess and fuss.

With the old shingles gone, we can more carefully evaluate your Worcester area home’s roof sheathing and repair any water damage or other issues.  Similarly, this gives us a good vantage for whether your chimney flashing, vents, or other elements of the roof system could use some attention.

Finally, once the roof deck is prepped, we can roll out roofing paper (or other water-repellant layers), snap chalk lines, and lay out the new shingles.  Although we make it look easy, it can be tricky to keep your shingles courses perfectly lined up, all while correctly weaving in valleys and ensuring waterproof intersections with flashing, skylights and other roof penetrations.

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